Noble nature

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Summer em We Heart It.


interspecies friendship by hendy mp (similar posts)

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This is a two-headed albino milksnake [x]. Each head has a brain and able to control over the shared body, causing difficulty in movement. Luckily, they shared the same stomach, snakes with separate stomachs will often fight and bite each other over the prey if one head has prey in its mouth.

In the wild, two-headed snake lifespan may be restricted significantly for they cannot escape predators well but despite this, two-headed snakes can lived up to 20 years in captivity.


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that door lick omg

"maybe if i give it kissies it’ll let me through"

be kind to your mind, body, and others x

Whether you’re picking your own, gathering bushels from the farmers’ market or buying in bulk from the grocery store, strawberries by the bowlful are what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner this time of year (or at least they should be). But stemming and coring the delicious red berry can be tedious. In this week’s Mad Genius Tips video, F&W’s Test Kitchen fruit ninja Justin Chapple shows you how to make quick work of that annoying task—armed with nothing but a straw. Learn more quick and brilliant skills by watching all of F&W’s Mad Genius Tips videos.


Dunno if this is relevant to your interests, but this dog rides and trains horses.


A girl standup paddleboards with sharks Photo © Chris Mclennan — National Geographic Your Shot

🍃 j u n g l e  b l o g 🍃


Remarkable. I just think about how much time is spent by people and propaganda making people with vaginas feel shame about them, then I look at how their appearance occurs in nature and it’s nothing but beauty.

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Hungary, Imperial eagle by VittorioRicci on Flickr.

Eagle On Ice by James Geddes

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